These packages help you connect with your fans by getting your music placed on popular playlists on Spotify. These playlists will give your music organic exposure to fans.

These campaigns connect listeners on Spotify to your single to attract more fans. Your music is added to curated playlists on Spotify to get your music in front of fans. This is organic exposure to build your following and prominence.
Each campaign will deliver a different result. The results depend heavily on your music’s relevance to listeners.
We are not selling bot-generated streams!
After completing the purchase and sending the link for your song we will partner with the playlist curators to have your music added within 2 business days. We will provide you with links to check where your song is placed. The placement of your song is guaranteed.

Check out some of the playlists here.

These campaigns are to help create a buzz for the music that you have on Spotify. If you need help distributing your music to platforms like Spotify then Contact Us.

We can help with that too! In addition to help with marketing your single on Spotify we can help create a game plan and a customized solution for your project Contact Us.